Quarterback Video Analysis / Evaluation

The Quarterback position is one of the most challenging positions in football. In order for a Quarterback to be successful it is essential that he master all the fundamentals and mechanics fluently. A serious Quarterback should be working on all of the elements listed below. Whether it is receiving the ball from center, handing it off, scrambling out of the pocket, or passing. It is much harder to “deprogram” your mechanics at a later stage in development. Quarterback Development now offers Quarterback Video analysis with a video and written Evaluation.

Here is a list of skills we will be evaluating with each Quarterback

  • Conditioning Shot Gun Stance
  • Athletic Mobility Pocket Depth and Rollouts
  • Leadership skills Foot Work
  • Confidence Level Throwing Skills
  • Warm Up Quick release
  • Arm Strength Accuracy
  • Proper Hand Off Ball Positioning
  • Play Action Skills Follow Through
  • QB Stance Non-Throwing Shoulder
  • 3-5 Step Drops Hitch Step

Quarterback Development will spend 2 separate sessions with each Quarterback. Each session will be 1.0 hours long to provide a complete evaluation. In session one we will work with the quarterback to create the video of his mechanical skills, in session two we will be reviewing video and written evaluation with suggestion to improve performance. Quarterback camps are important but they do not allow the quarterback the ability to see his skills in action and it gives them the opportunity to evaluate their performance with the coach and receive feedback along with coach’s evaluation.

For more information or to schedule a video analysis please contact Coach Rich Madrigal at 407-353-5513 or Coach Maxwell Madrigal at 407-408-0497.